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Care at the Chemist

Ask your pharmacist about the NHS Care at the Chemist scheme: advice and treatment for a wide range of minor conditions after a consultation with your pharmacist – no need to visit your GP.

If your prescription is already free, so is any medication provided under this scheme.

The following conditions can currently be treated by this scheme:

Care at the chemist

 Allergies  Indigestion
 Athletes foot  Infant colic
 Coughscolds and sore throats  Mouth ulcers
 Cold sores  Minor eye infections
 Constipation  Minor skin reactions
 Cystitis  Nappy rash
 Diarrhoea  Nasal congestion
 Ear wax  Oral Thrush
Headache Teething
Pain or temperature Threadworm
Haemorrhoids Thrush (genital)
Headlice Warts and verrucas

Click on the conditions above to be directed to the NHS website for that condition